Tri Ethlyene Glycol

  • TEG is used in the manufacture of a host of consumer products that include anti-freeze, automotive care products, building and construction materials, cleaning and furnishing care products, fabric, textile, and leather products, fuels and related products, lubricants and greases, paints and coatings, personal care products, and plastic and rubber products.
  • TEG is commercially produced as a co-product of the oxidation of ethylene at a high temperature in the presence of silver oxide catalyst, followed by hydration of ethylene oxide to yield mono, di, tri, and tetraethylene glycols.
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  • Triethylene glycol (TEG) is a colorless, viscous liquid with a slight odor.
  • It is non-flammable, mildly toxic, and considered non-hazardous.
  • TEG is a member of a homologous series of dihydroxy alcohols.
  • It is used as a plasticizer for vinyl polymers as well as in the manufacture of air sanitizer and other consumer products.
  • TEG is recognized for its hygroscopic quality and ability to dehumidify fluids.
  • It is slightly soluble in diethyl ether, and insoluble in oil, fat, and most hydrocarbons.


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